9 December - 28 December 2019

The Snow Queen

at The Albany Theatre, Coventry

School | Matinee | Evening Performances (all open to general booking)

Based on the stories by Hans Christian Andersen | Adapted for the stage by Lyon Devereux

Join us this Christmas for a glittering, seasonal spectacle packed with epic adventure, spell-binding magic, action-packed excitement and heart-warming friendship.

Gerda and her brother Kai are inseparable but when the shard of enchanted mirror falls into Kai’s eye, he becomes cold and cruel. As the heartless Snow Queen steals him away, only Gerda believes that he can be saved.

Armed with just her wits and buffeted between blizzards and the Snow Queen’s sorcery, Gerda joins with the mischievous Jack Frost to embark on a magical and compelling journey to reach the Ice Palace in the heart of the frozen north. Meeting beautiful princesses, ferocious robbers, dastardly wizards and mysterious old women who may not be what they seem, they must race through the four seasons to rescue her brother and prevent the Snow Queen’s terrifying plan to plunge the world into eternal winter.

All with the help of a friendly, talking Yeti!

Ceridwen Theatre Company are delighted to return to the Albany stage to present their brand-new adaptation of this iconic story – an inventive take on a classic tale full of bravery and adventure.

Combining music, laughter and a thrilling story, this creative and sparkling production is guaranteed to engage and enchant audiences of all ages.

All tickets are sold through The Albany Theatre box office

https://albanytheatre.co.uk/the-snow-queen or call 02476 99 89 64

Ticket enquiries: boxoffice@albanytheatre.co.uk

Ticket Prices:
Full Price: £12.00 - £16.00 | Child: £9.00 - £11.00 (prices vary dependent on date)

Lap tickets (£3.00) are available from the The Albany Theatre Box Office for children under the age of 2.
All companion/carer tickets must be booked through The Albany Theatre Box Office via phone or in person.

Tickets are sold via

The Albany Theatre's

Box Office

Monday 9th December | 10.00

Tuesday 10th December | 10.00 | 19.00

Wednesday 11th December | no shows

Thursday 12th December | 10.00 | 13.00 (relaxed performance)

Friday 13th December | 10.00 | 19.00

Saturday 14th December | 14.30 | 19.00

Sunday 15th December | 14.30

Monday 16th December | 10.00

Tuesday 17th December | 10.00 | 13.00 (signed)

Wednesday 18th December | no shows

Thursday 19th December | 10.00 | 13.00

Friday 20th December | 10.00 |19.00

Saturday 21st December | 14.30 | 19.00

Sunday 22nd December | 14.30

Monday 23rd December | 14.30 | 19.00

Tuesday 24th December | 14.30

Wednesday 25th December | no shows

Thursday 26th December | no shows

Friday 27th December | 14.30

Saturday 28th December | 14.30 | 19.00

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