"Ceridwen, according to Welsh legends and folklore, was a white witch or goddess, and is considered to be the goddess of poetry, inspiration and of the cauldron of transfiguration." 

Hello and welcome to our site!

Ceridwen Theatre Company was formed in 2014 by a group of professional theatre makers who've been sharing the stage in one form or another for more than 15 years now. 

We explore the UK performing anywhere that inspires us creatively - theatres, caves, forests, historic buildings and more.

We are a female-led, not-for-profit company with proud Welsh roots and take our name from a legendary female figure in Welsh folklore - the goddess Ceridwen.


At the helm we have Company directors Helena Devereux & Gemma Mann and Artistic Director Vivien Lesley Jones. 

Since forming in 2014 we've created 8 new productions, received numerous commissions from theatre, councils, museums & heritage venues to create new work and been successful in securing funding from Arts Council England.