"Ceridwen, according to Welsh legends and folklore, was a white witch or goddess, and is considered to be the goddess of poetry, inspiration and of the cauldron of transfiguration." 

Hello and welcome to our site!

Ceridwen Theatre Company are a vibrant amalgamation of differing personalities and experience.

We traverse the UK performing anywhere that inspires us creatively - theatres, caves, forests, historic buildings and more.

We are a female-led, not-for-profit company with proud Welsh roots and take our name from a legendary female figure in Welsh folklore - the goddess Ceridwen.


At the helm we have Company directors Helena Devereux & Gemma Mann and Artistic Director Vivien Lesley Jones. We have worked together for more than a decade, officially forming a company in 2014.

Inspiration and Transformation.

The ideas of inspiration & transformation feature heavily in the stories of Ceridwen and theatre is a powerful tool with which to implement these ideas.

A live theatrical event is a shared experience which can have a surprising transformative effect on individuals. It can make you laugh, cry, hope, despair, re-examine or rediscover. Whatever the transformative effect is, good theatre should make you feel and think and it should definitely provide plenty of conversation for the way home. 

Live theatre​ has huge capacity to inspire. It can inspire change, further learning, future artistic engagement and much more.

We are continually striving for that transformative effect and to inspire our audiences.

Opportunity and accessibility​ are key

What this means for our team:

We always work with professional, talented and inspiring individuals. This does not always equate to seeking people with the longest CV's.

Age, whether younger or older should not be a barrier to entering the arts professions. We wish to continue to be open to working with talented emerging artists.

Examples of these values in practice are:

Our Artistic Director Vivien spent 40 years in the education sector before making a leap away from the familiar & following her previously sidelined artistic leanings. Through working with Ceridwen, Vivien is now making her living from the arts.

We recently we brought in a University theatre graduate in to work on Peter Pan alongside our company of professional actors to help this young actor bridge the gap between training and professional experience.

Opportunity and accessibility​ are key

What this means for our audiences:


In partnership with our venues we aim to keep our ticket prices affordable. We are not-for-profit so every penny we make is invested back into the company and into ensuring we can deliver high quality work created by professional artists.


We wish to be approachable and therefore are only a phone call away if our audiences have questions about our shows, access or individual needs.


We produce work in a variety of spaces including theatres, caves, forests, fields, steam trains and underground canal caverns - we love the challenge of adapting to a new space and it allows our audiences to choose how they experience our work.

Ceridwen Theatre Company LTD is registered in England & Wales. (No. 08977189)

Ochr Cottage, Mill House Farm, Pont-y-Capel Lane, Gresford, LL12 8RU

Please do not copy or reproduce images without permission.

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