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"an unforgettable performance of Shakespeare’s Scottish play superbly directed by Vivien Jones. To say this production was innovative is an understatement" British Theatre Guide (Macbeth: a MiND toRMentED)

"a powerful night at the theatre" A Younger Theatre (Mametz Wood tour)

"The spotlight is turned seamlessly between a small cast of characters in the Welsh 38th division ... each tale is a like a unique stroke on a canvas ... an engaging and moving performance, memorably marking the centenary of the actual battle at Mametz Wood" **** review from The Stage (Mametz Wood tour)

"a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling" **** review from Female Arts (Mametz Wood tour)

"fully rounded characters and engrossing realities" **** review from The Stage (Mametz, Part 2 of Death Shall Have No Dominion)


"A stunning performance. The young actors skill and passion for their subject shone through, as did the research that clearly underpinned the affecting drama ... a five star evening and highly recommended" Philippa Langley - Leader of the search for Richard III's body (Death Shall Have No Dominion - Part 1: What Remains of Richard?)


"This is a group which artfully utilises the rural landscape as an innovative performance space ... InterAct (Wales) acknowledges the beauty and simplicity of human storytelling" Audience member (Taliesin)


"Blown away by the performances by all involved" Audience member (Mametz, Part 2 of Death Shall Have No Dominion)


"this is a touching and engaging piece of historical theatre. The company demonstrate a clear understanding of war, fear and the human condition" **** review from Three Weeks (Mametz Wood, Part 2 of Death Shall Have No Dominion)

Please note: until 2017 Ceridwen Theatre Company was working under the name of InterAct (Wales)

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