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Upcoming events at Dean Forest Railway

16th March A Mysterious Affair at Norchard

18th May Sherlock Nolmes and The Scandal in Lydney 

20th July Doc Mortimer Rides Again

12th October Terror Train 2: Norchard Nightmare 3000

Recently performed at...

Murder in the Library Cambridge libraries / The Library Presents:

20th October Ramsey Library 

1st December Histon Library

2nd December Wisbech Library

11th October Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Murder in the Gardens 

Recent events Dean Forest Railway

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March 2023 – Blackbeard Sails Again!

Edward Teach, better known as Captain Blackbeard has sailed back up the River Lyd seeking his stolen treasure. Since his last visit, Lydney Harbour has been commandeered by local Pirate Sir Richard Morgan. They meet under the white flag of ‘Parley’ but before they can resolve who took the treasure, a body is discovered and the truce is broken. Blackbeard’s revenge on Lydney can only be averted if the local people (that’s you!) can solve the murder.

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July 2023 – Showdown in the Wild West

Tensions run high when Jolene, youngest sister of the roughest, toughest outlaw in the Wild West wants to bring her new sweetheart into the family business – but there is something strange about this cowboy, and, as murderous events unfold is there anyone who is not hiding a dark secret?

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October – Shurlock Nolmes and The Beast of Dean

It is the year 1857 and Parkend, in the Forest of Dean, is once more troubled with strange happenings – roars and screaming in the night, trampled fences, trees knocked down – and then a villager is found dead with horrific wounds. Has the supernatural ‘Beast of Dean’ returned after 50 years? Or is there something more sinister going on? Press coverage brings the case to the attention of none other than the Great Detective himself, Shurlock Nolmes. A non-believer in the supernatural, Holmes returns to the area to investigate for himself.

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