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Footsteps on the Moon

High quality, affordable professional theatre brought to you. 


Small venue? Not an issue, we can adapt to your requirements

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy an affordable night out watching high quality theatre which is why we have created our Theatre-to-You productions

Our Theatre-to-You productions feature talented professional actors but are played against simple sets requiring minimal set up and fuss. This allows us to tour to a variety of venues and adapt the shows to each individual space.

Below are our 2019 productions, available to book now.

We also have a large repertoire of past productions which may be available for booking -  please enquire.

Written by Lyon Devereux

"I am now truly alone and absolutely alone from any known life. I am it"


In July 1969, the module Eagle carrying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin drifted towards the lunar surface. Left on board the mothership Columbia, alone and out of radio contact with Earth, Michael Collins recorded these haunting words as he orbited the dark side of the moon.


But who was Michael Collins?


Footsteps on the Moon is a play about the Moon landings in 1969, told through the perspective of this 'forgotten third astronaut'

An one man play designed to be played in small and non traditional spaces.

We commemorate the 50th anniversary of the USA Apollo 11 mission but looking at events through the eyes of Michael Collins the Command Module Pilot. 

Available from April 2019

Please contact us for more information


How does it work?

Let us know which show you are interested in booking and we will talk you through the logistics, prices and available dates

Do you need a proper stage space?

No, we have performed in halls, caves, homes, gardens and we can adapt to any space however together we need to consider the visibility of your chosen space for the audience. This is something we can talk through with you

How much are tickets?

When you book a Theatre-to-You show you agree to pay the full costs quoted. If you plan on selling tickets to recoup your costs then this is organised by yourselves. We will talk it all through with you before booking and discuss your proposed tickets prices. 

How are the shows marketed?

We will send you a show info, blurb and image plus any production photos or videos we have for the production. We will send you marketing guidelines and the rest is up to you. You will likely have a target audience in mind when you book us and we can help guide you as to who a particular show is suitable for.

How many actors & crew do you bring?

This is dependant on which show you book but all of our Theatre-to-You productions have a small cast & crew helping us to keep prices affordable for you

Do you bring light & sound equipment?

We use a basic light & sound set up, our actors do not use microphones, they are very used to projecting however please consider the amount of 'background' noise in your chosen space. Think specifically whether there are there other activities/events going on that will disrupt the performance & the audiences' enjoyment of it.

Are your actors & crew DBS checked?

If this is a requirement for your venue then please check with us in advance

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